Thursday, January 26, 2012

How do you root a rosemary sprig?

I wasn't sure if the Rosemary plants outside would last all winter, so I wanted to see if I could get some sprigs to grow inside.  So December 7, I planted these:

10 Lovely Little Rosemary Sprigs
I just pulled some random sprigs, dipped them in rooting powder from our local Co-op, and stuck them in glass jars with soil from a bag and a little cardboard for drainage purposes.  As a fairly new gardener, I was completely naive and optimistic enough to think this may work! Obviously, I have a lot to learn.

As the weeks passed, some green sprigs starting turning a little brown. I kept checking on them until I was certain they were brown as in dead, and not brown as in "just processing the new environment, but surely they'll pull through."  And, sure enough, I would pull the rosemary stick out, and it was just that- a dead stick- not even a trace of root. They started decreasing in number. 
One day, we did find an exciting new development: Mushrooms growing around one of the sticks. 
So we moved it into the back room by the mop bucket and let it grow just to see what would develop. It was very interesting until I forgot to water it, and then the mushrooms died too. 

So, we are now down to 2 plants. 
But I think one of them is going to make it!! It seems like there is some new growth on the plant on the right.  I can't tell you how badly I want to dig it up just to see if a root really did grow.  But I'll just leave it be until it stops being green.  As for the plant (planted stick?) on the left,  I don't think it will live, but it has stayed impressively green for a good 6 weeks now, so there's a chance!
Okay, in full disclosure, the left sprig may have had a better chance if I had not pulled it out to see if there was a root.  And we couldn't tell if it was fuzzy dirt or a new root, so I stuck it back in.  That's why I think only one of these may live. 
Have you grown plants from a sprig?  Any advice appreciated!

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