Thursday, January 19, 2012

Challenge: Curry Chicken Salad!

So the results are in....and...Curry Chicken Salad A won!  Whose is it, you ask??  Well, it didn't have this:

Nice cuts and cubes of red onion, chicken, celery, green apple, heated curry powder, etc.. So the winner's didn't look like this:
So pretty and creamy...
But the winner's Curry Chicken Salad did start like this:

And finish like this:

Raisins, Shredded Chicken, Almonds, etc...

Can you tell whose is whose?? 
The contest went like this:
Each curry was tested anonymously.  Testers then had to drop a penny into the correlating jar for their favorite Curry Chicken Salad.  Oh, this was a suspenseful day!! 
Especially after I had issued this taunting Facebook Challenge:
We're having a Challenge: Curry Chicken Salad. Brent made his version. I made my version. We need samplers tomorrow. There will be a vote- and a pronounced winner. Not that we're competitive or anything...but on the (far off) chance that I win, I will ridicule him about his culinary school tuition. lol!

Curry Chicken Salad A and Curry Chicken Salad B

And the winner is:::
Like I mentioned above...And guess what? 
I WIN!  i win, i win, i win!!  lol!!  Oh, I'm going to be hard to work with the rest of the week!!   I won!! Thank you, friends.  The vote was 14-7 for Curry Chicken Salad A!! As in, Curry Chicken Salad Awesome.  Curry Chicken Salad Absolutely fantastic!  Curry Chicken Salad And that's why i love our guests.  Enough?   Nope. Not yet.  But I won't make you suffer through more gloating.  After all, Chef Brent is the one who didn't win today!  Now, he gets to make Breakfast for my Sunday School class on Super Bowl Sunday!!  woo hoo!!  I'm happy all over again!! 

I'm being so not nice!  So here comes the friendly sportsmanlike part:  Even though I won (Big time!),  I think our final Curry Chicken Salad will have elements from both recipes.  I learn stuff from Chef Brent every day because I didn't graduate from culinary school, therefore I have a ton of questions about food!  And it definitely makes it easier to experiment with food when you have a trained chef on standby.  For example, who knew you were supposed to heat curry powder a little before using? I mean you don't have to, but it kind of makes the flavor better.  And while I don't like cubed chicken in my chicken salad, I might like the little bitty bits of red onion and celery, chopped to perfection.  Anyway, we'll iron out the details and look forward to serving this Curry Chicken Salad as our February special! Thank you again for catching up with us and sharing in the fun!  
Curry Chicken Salad Champion (aka Summer)

P.S. If you would like to visit our Sunday School class at 9:30 on Sunday, February 5 at FBC, Sevierville...breakfast will be French Toast Bread Pudding and Yogurt & Granola Parfaits.  Yum! 


  1. Shucks! I'm sorry I missed it. I understand the winner has clout with the lady who runs The Tin Roof Cafe. Wait a minute! That's good....YOU win!!! hahaha. Looking forward to the Curry Chicken Salad in February.

  2. even though I'm single, can I come since I will be in town? or can I just sit outside the door and eat

  3. Yeah Debbie- I hear the lady that runs the cafe is pretty happy about the win-haha!
    Kimberly, I'm so happy you'll be able to go with us! Looking forward to seeing you soon!