Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Resolution Jars

Did you make a New Years Resolution? How's it going for you? I didn't make one, but then I found out Chef Brent had 3- impressive. His biggest resolution is to quit smoking, then there was drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat salad at least once a day. So I decided I needed a resolution: No dessert except for Sunday. And in an effort to encourage him to break up with nicotine, I came up with resolution jars. For every time we broke our resolution, we put $1 in the other person's jar.

Empty Jars = a Great Start to the game.
But I've had an unfortunate realization since we started.  The cafe is a fantastic place for Brent to work with his resolutions- no smoking, lots of salad and water.  This makes him smarter than me.  Because it is not so easy to work here and not eat Dessert!  Seriously??  I really didn't think this one through.

And it cost me.  3 painful dollars to be exact. So far.  :/ 
And then C.J. came in Saturday, and asked about the jars, so look what we have now:

The only problem C.J. has is that he's such a good kid, he doesn't have a vice to resolve against! Thus, he cannot break his resolution. Thus, no money for him.  But that didn't stop him from teaming up with Brent yesterday, and look what I found this morning in my jar:

Hershey bar, sugar packet, Coke bottle cap- they are really trying to get more money from me!  But Im into day 2 without dessert now.  This is ridiculous.  Why would I say no to dessert of all things? 
Oh, I now have to warn you of 2 things:
1) I get a little fussy when I'm staring at cake all day and can't have it.
2) If you come into the cafe one day this week and it smells like cigarette smoke, it's because I stooped to their low, low level and lit one up and blew smoke in Brent's direction. 
This brings to mind another warning:
3) If I try to smoke, I will probably start choking for hours.  
Oh, and 4) This is a non-smoking restaurant, so it's not allowed anyway. 
In conclusion, Chef Brent seems to be very good at resolutions.  Would someone please remind me of this when 2013 rolls around?

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