Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Learning Gardon- Season One

Most of the garden is planted on May 19, 2011 with the help of SCHS' FFA Students- thank you students!

By June 10, the rest of the plants are in- thank you to our neighbor, Judy! :)

June 24- Seeing some green!

July 7- The tomatoes are beginning to form a jungle- I'm hoping the cucumber live

July 13- I had no idea tomatoes got this tall.

July 18- This is looking prettier- after some rain, I'm seeing more watermelon vines & some cucumber

July 30- Look at those okra crammed in there with the tomato plants- I defnitely need to rethink next year's layout.

August 6- I love this photo- everything looks so nice and green with the willow tree and the chicken coop in the backyard- would you even know the cafe was here?

August 10- In the front of this photo are the cucumber plants- out of 6 or 7 we planted, only 2 lived- thank goodness!  Look at all those vines!

August 18

August 24- Starting to dry out now- we've enjoyed quite a few tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, etc...

September 7 - And I finally made the executive decision to start pulling everything out- getting ready for some new autumn plants!

September 7- This is the bed the watermelon used to be in, and the tomato jungle was to the left.

Isn't it amazing how quickly it comes and goes? I took a community canning class at Walter State this year- I really recommend it, but I'm going to need a bigger garden if I'm going to keep any of it around! 
 I didn't document the entire garden on the blog, but it was fascinating to me- every bud, bloom, and fruit was exciting!  The best part is getting to share what we grew and learning new ways to prepare it- Grilled Okra, anyone? It was fantastic!  Creamy Habanero Pepper Spread? Yes, please! 
I haven't planted our autumn seeds yet, but I'm already looking forward to the harvest...stay tuned! 

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