Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The S plants

I've mentioned our neighbor Judy before, and I wanted to update you on her Super Neighbor status... The last time I mentioned her, she had stopped in to help me plant the tomatoes and watermelons and everything else- it took her about .2 seconds.  Then, one day, I'm sitting here typing away and got up for a break.  As I walked through the cafe, movement in the garden caught my eye- and there was Judy!  She was surprising me with new tomato plants, a garden chair and walking stick, and an "S" rock formation to decorate the garden- can you even believe it?  I mean, what have your neighbors done for you lately?  Or, maybe I should ask, what have you (and I) done for our neighbors?  Well, this was a fantastic treat. 

The tomato plants started growing, and I'm not the best at staking the plants, so I moved the chair over for this plant to lean on. 

I'm not sure that plant understood it was to lean on the chair.  I bought some little wire ring stands.

They worked for about a week, and then the tomatoes outgrew them and fell over.  But,thankfully, these plants are late-bloomers.  So I've torn out the other tomato plants, and brought the larger cages over.  I hope this works!

In the hustle and bustle, some green tomatoes "accidentally" fell from the plant.  Those may have been my most successful fried green tomatoes to date- they were scrumptious!  If I can be patient, I'm still hoping for some red ones.  And Judy was in last week and told me she planted some flowers out there too. I'm so looking forward to see what pops up this fall!   Thank you again, Judy!  :D

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