Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It's time for me to work out again. With weights. Which is the first time I've really used a weight room since college, and I graduated in 1999.  Oh my. 
I started 2.5 weeks ago. (Do I look more fit?  Yes, I thought so. ;)  I would have written this blog earlier, but most of my body hurts too bad to move.  Just ask Chef Brent and C.J.- if something drops in the kitchen, it stays there until someone else's muscles can bend down to get it.  They are loving this exercise program, let me tell you!   
But beyond the ridiculous pain of working out (oh, I'm such a wimp), is the new meal plan.  And I know I've eaten enough cakes and cupcakes over the last 3 years to last some people a lifetime, but it's not easy to just stop cold turkey.  Ah...cold're just not the same, but don't leave me- I'm hungry.
My biggest craving? 
Behold the Red Velvet Cupcake.
I just stare at it sometimes.  If you've wondered where the strawberry, lemon, and orange creamsicle cupcakes went, it's my fault. I've only asked for Red Velvet lately.  It just looks so yummy.

Even yummier up close.
And, I'm beginning to feel like my 4 year old niece.   "Well, I just want to smell it"
And admire that cream cheese frosting from a little closer view.  
Goodness, that's a beautiful photo.  

YIKES. Have to snap out of it. Back to reality.
Reality wouldn't usually be so harsh if it could be followed by a cupcake.  Trust me, I've tried to explain to my trainer that I needed just a sample to cure my craving.  He made me do extra sets of exercises for suggesting it. I get in trouble a lot. Him: "Do 100 pushups"  Me: "I'm not sure I can do a pushup"  Him:"Get on the bicycle" Me: "ok" *smile*

But I've found a compromise of sorts.  I'm allowed something green and turkey or chicken for lunch.  But since I'm not eating the cupcake- and I figure there has to be something in the universal weight loss system that considers what you didn't eat when you get on the scale, right?- I've managed to spice up the meat and greens combo a little bit.  
I'm having the new Pomegranate salad. The sweet red pomegranate seeds and creamy white feta cheese kind of remind me of the cupcake, so I'm really enjoying this lunch!  Which makes no sense at all, but it's working for me. (The walnuts, red onions, and bit of balsamic vinaigrette are just there for fun.)
And so far things are going well at the gym, so I've not had to put my meal plan "specifics" under the spotlight.  There are meat and greens in there, right? ;) 

Sounds good.  And now I have to go to work with the cupcakes.  Wish me luck! 

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