Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I don't even completely Love watermelon...

But I have become fascinated with this watermelon bed!! I've waited to see it ripen for soooo long. Except for when my curiosity got to me and I cut that baby one open. It was too soon- really, really too soon.
5/19/11 looks like a dirt pile with metal rings, but there are seeds under that soil!  thank you Uncle Eddie for the seeds!
5/24/11 He did say to plant a lot of seeds because he wasn't sure they would take.  So I planted a lot, and then bought 2 cantaloupe plants and another watermelon and planted in the same bed- just to make sure...
5/28/11 oh looky!  a little sprout! 
6/6/11 a lot of watering and rain, and some more little sprouts
6/10/11 getting bigger!
6/22/11...still had no idea what was coming...
6/29/11 at least the metal rings aren't looking so lonely
7/6/11 the rain certainly got something moving!
7/13/11 oh goodness- this is exciting- when do we get to eat watermelon?
7/13/11a little baby one!  under the clover attached to the lower flower
7/18/11 Brent looking for more baby watermelon
7/28/11 Baby's getting bigger!
7/29/11 Now we can hardly see the metal rings, but look- a baby watermelon hanging inside!
7/29/11 Another watermelon- it's so fun trying to find them!
7/30/11 Is it a watermelon or a green cantaloupe?  I'm so confused.
8/6/11 But really excited that we have such a big something in the garden!
8/6/11 Look how these vines have grown!  I've had to pull them away from the tomatoes!
8/6/11 This baby watermelon had to take one for the team.  Here's the conversation between my curious self and my um...less adventurous self:  It looks green, right? yes. So that might maybe mean ripe?  no. Maybe we accidentally picked up a dwarf watermelon variety? no. (Then, after seeing the entirely white interior...curiosity continued) Maybe it will still be delicious?  No. Maybe I like the taste of sweet and tangy?  Whatever you need to tell yourself. Maybe I could try to make something new and unheard of with it?  Go ahead, but remember what ailed the pioneers...good luck with that. Maybe I'll just throw the rest away and always dream of what might have been?  Good call.          
8/10/11 More melon photos!
Growing in the rings

After a few days of not tending the garden and some more rain, the watermelon are finally multiplying! 
Brent turned them this morning so we could see them- reminds me of eggs in an incubator.
So this is where we are today- still growing and multiplying, but not ready to harvest. 
Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh.  This takes forever.  I'm going to tear out the basil and plant pumpkins- maybe they are faster?  

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