Saturday, August 6, 2011

"As the Okra turns..."

Our neighbor, Bob, helped with this title. And, I will follow-up with the watermelon drama one day, but let's finish up with some okra first. Do you remember our 2 little okra plants that could? and the one that could not? Here's the refresher:
Stay with me Okra
well the other 2 lived

Well, the other 2 lived pretty well.

Until one was attacked from behind by an unassuming tomato plant. At least I assumed it was unassuming, and then WHAM, the okra is laying under a tomato plant.
huh. didn't see that one coming.

But I did get some tomato cage-things to try to separate the plants ,so it has slowly come back.
At some point in this process, there are really beautiful okra flowers that close up in the daytime and open again later. In my photo-deleting frenzy, I deleted them before posting them, so just use your imagination for now. Who knew okra flowers were so pretty?? :)

And I've already made fried okra twice- I got so excited about eating it that I forgot to take year I'm going to need more than 2 plants.

I was wrong about the blossom closing during the day. Here is one of today's photos:
Aren't the flowers lovely?? :)

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