Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Tomatoes

I've been wanting to show more garden progression, but the garden is changing so fast, that I keep thinking I'll wait a little longer. But I've finally decided to share the little cherry tomatoes:
This shows a few cherry tomato plants just after planting on May 24. Then, an animal came to visit less than 2 days later:
Well, that was unfortunate, but I left it alone to see what would happen and it started growing again. Soon, it's neigboring cherry tomato plant had some little green tomatoes!
(June 10)
Then, a few more:
(June 24)

Then, it rained and I didn't visit the garden for a few days. When I did go back, I found our first ripe tomatoes! That was fast!
But now, I'm waiting for the others to ripen. And waiting. And the tomato plants are turning into a tomato jungle:
And I'm still waiting for more ripe tomatoes! I'll share them this time, especially if you're with me when I find them... ;)

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