Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homegrown Produce Coming Soon!

It's happening!  We have partnered with students from SCHS' Severian Chapter of the FFA to create a Garden Lab on our back lawn!

After watching Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution and the movie Fresh last year, I thought it would be great to have local students involved with our garden at the cafe.  Thankfully, teachers Misty Larrance and Daren Helton were interested in the experience for their students also!

After some site planning trips, the students were able to begin the garden today. Using railroad ties and dirt donated from my Dad (thanks Daddy!), they constructed and filled 5 beds.

Next up for me is to find some organic matter/ compost to mix in the good TN clay dirt, so we can get the plants in next Tuesday!

I'm so looking forward to sharing the harvest with cafe guests throughout the summer! More updates as the garden grows! :D

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  1. That looks amazing! They did a great job..This is Geanine by the way.