Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We have Iced Tea & Hot Tea...



I'm just going to say this. We are not a Tea Room.

Don't get me wrong. I love Tea Rooms. When I’m in a tea room, I’m all in. I love little trays of petit fours and cucumber sandwiches. I love scones with clotted cream and jam. I love a fine china cup of English Breakfast with milk and sugar, added after, not before. And this is particularly wonderful when served on tiered trays set upon pristine linens in a beautiful, high-ceilinged room decorated with oil paintings of fields, flowers, and fruit. (see High Tea @ The Ritz, London)

But ask me about tea, and you’ll hear very uninformative replies such as “This one is caffeine free” or “That one smells good.” I heard someone come in and say to (girl at our counter who shall remain nameless) one day, “Tell me about your teas,” and she replied, “We have iced tea and hot tea.”

I imagine we could be very frustrating for a true tea connoisseur. Or anyone interested in learning about tea.

I'm only going into this detail in order to prevent certain heartache for true tea enthusiasts that may expect something more ...delicate... when visiting The Tin Roof Cafe.

The good news is that we love tea-drinkers and we want you to visit, so we serve Harney & Sons’ hot teas.

And we have more than one flavor:

Although I’m not up on the details of tea at this point in my life, the Harneys (if I may?) are, and they provide an excellent bag of flavorful leaves, herbs, and other stuff that is in tea.

We even have a new flavor in this week called Paris. It is a black tea with caramel and fruit flavors, and it is presented in a silk sachet. Lovely! And you can enjoy a delicious cup in one of our sturdy white mugs while pondering the next dilemma, “What exactly is this place then?”

Maybe we can figure that out in another blog post at a later date. Until then, just know that we serve great sandwiches and homemade desserts in bigger-than-bitesize portions to ladies, gents, and kiddos. And you don’t even have to stick out your pinky finger to have a good time. :D
See you soon and hope you're hungry!


  1. But you can't enjoy a good cup of tea without sticking your pinkie out!

    Being English I can say you can spend a lifetime learning about tea and will still never know everything there is to know.

    And being English I endorse your choice of Harney and Sons as your supplier of tea, they do a very nice Earl Grey (which of course should be served without milk).

  2. Ya' just a special corner resting spot for the whole world!

  3. Thank you for the comments.
    Lol about the pinkie finger! And I didn't know about the Earl Grey without milk, but I learn new things every day!
    And,weldrbrat, thank you! We do feel blessed to work in our little corner of the world!