Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Days!

Can you believe we've had this much snow? A real White Christmas! I was beginning to forget why we needed 4-wheel drive. But a slide down the driveway is a fast reminder. Yikes! Here was our Christmas Day view:

So, I live in my parent's basement right now, but this is literally the view from the basement, so I've got no complaints! Except the driveway could use more salt. Ok- no more complaints. Because for the past several days, I have been snowed in with my mom's cooking, also. Chocolate rolls, cornbread stuffing, gravy, roast, gravy, rice, gravy, and more chocolate rolls= good times. And thank you Lord for the elliptical machine.

Because my mom is always in the kitchen, my niece Lizi has picked up a love for the kitchen. She was thrilled with her Christmas present:

Well, she was thrilled once she recovered from the initial shock that it didn't actually turn on. Her imagination has been in full swing though, and she is preparing delicious (imaginary) treats for all. You might see her in the cafe sometimes running around with a little apron on. She's here to help! Will work for gumballs... :D
So here are some more photos from the weekend activities:
Making snowangels:

and Making a snowman with Mr. Paul and Auntie Summer:

Nana also made snow cream for us. It just takes fresh snow, milk, vanilla, and sugar. Don't eat it too fast or you'll get a brain freeze. Just sayin...

So it was great weekend, and I was so happy to be back to work today. We did cut the day short because of weather, but it was great to be at the cafe serving up a lot of hot chocolate and enjoying the weather. I even enjoy snow being tracked through the cafe. It just feels like winter! :) Here are a few photos from the cafe today:

And the view from the back window:

Well, it's dark out, there's a lot of ice on the driveway, and my hot cocoa is gone, so that's all for now. Have a great evening, friends!

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