Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I hope this post finds you healthy, happy, and having a fantastic holiday! We have certainly been enjoying the season here at the cafe. Our hours were shortened several days last week by the beautiful snow! The ice was pretty in photos, but trying to walk outside wasn't so easy. After my pups finally made it to the grass, Rufus refused to get back on the porch- too much sliding around for him!
Anyhoo- this week has been closer to normal. You can feel the Christmas cheer in the air! (and hopefully taste it in the food!) We are open tomorrow 11 am- 8 pm, but closed Friday & Saturday.
Our friend Heidi surprised us today by bringing by a super festive tree! Thank you, Heidi!! And it worked perfectly with the little baking ornaments Mom gave us this year, too. A Christmas miracle! ;)

Yes, this has been a festive month, and we are ready to fully enjoy the next 1.5 weeks of 2010,including the forecasted White Christmas! ooh..Speaking of white, look at the marshmallows & whipped cream on this hot chocolate Jordan ordered the other day...

Have a Merry White Christmas (be it snow or marshmallows), and we look forward to serving you next week! :)

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