Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you Happy New Year Blessings! As with all new years and new beginnings, change inspires and is welcomed I've heard when something is changing it is growing and producing new opportunities.

In the spirit of change and growth we have some new menu items. There is more to come but right now we would like to introduce you to our soup of the day! Everyone loves our Creamy Tomato so much it gave us the courage to branch out and try some new recipes. The soups of the day include our favorite creamy tomato, as well as, our new broccoli & cheddar, chicken & mushroom and potato. Each day we awake, we have new opportunities, our soups will follow that example and be a new delight for your taste bud expertise. Stay tuned for more menu items there is rumor of some new specials and salads.

Now, for the sweet news. We have a special baker that surprises us on Tuesdays with a homemade Red Velvet Cake and every Friday is Pie day as we enjoy the crowd pleasing coconut cream pie.

At the Tin Roof Cafe we specialize in making our place of business feel like home. It may be cold outside but we have some tasty coffee treats and teas to warm your winter days and a friendly atmostphere to warm your heart.

Have a wonderful blessed and happy new year of delectable opportunities!
Your friends at the Tin Roof Cafe.

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