Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow Day in the Smokies!

I woke up, looked out the window, and said,"yep- no snow." So I went about my routine of coffee and morning news as I mentally prepared for what was to be my first post-holiday workout. When I finally felt ready to face the day, I opened the door to a driveway full of snow!! How did I not see this earlier? I don't know, but look who was loving it:
Rufus, the Wonder Dog ;)

After letting Rufus and Lucy run around for a bit (don't eat the yellow snow!), my husband and I strapped on our stocking gifts- Yak Traks!  Have you ever used these?  They came highly-recommended from my sister.
Ok- you can't really see them here, but they have metal rings on the bottom- kind of like snow-chains for the feet.  And we started out for a morning walk! 

My little camera phone doesn't show the sky as beautiful and snowy-gray as it was this morning. It was really lovely with the clouds settling around the mountains and a good dusting of snow all around.
Here is another view of the roads around the hill we live on.  Not going to drive anytime soon! 
After a good look at the snow and getting our fingers sufficiently frozen, we headed back home...to coffee and french toast.  Yum!  I tried to go to the gym- I really did!  There's always tomorrow.
I will be at work today thanks to my awesome new shoe supplements, so if you're out and about, come see us!  We'll be there 11-4.  Happy Snow Day! :)

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  1. Beautiful East Tennessee. Thanks for the pictures. Stay warm.