Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cooking on Fox43 Morning Show...take 2!

Today was a really exciting day! The fabulous folks at WBIR asked me to come back for another cooking segment on their Fox43 Morning News program.  I barely slept last night- maybe it was the nerves, the excitement, or the comforting cup of coffee I had just before bedtime.  My husband advised against it, but I Needed it. Oh well, I was prepared and early, and if you know me, you know that's kind of a miracle.  (As is the fact I have a cafe.  Never ask my friend Courtney about the fudge incident of 1998. The incident that turned us both against my cooking for many, many years.) (Ok, it wasn't That bad...)(Now that I think about it, Courtney, have you eaten my cooking since then?;)

Anyhoo,  today I made a Loaded Potato Panini, and it will be our January Feature!  I will post the video soon, but here are some photos from the morning:

Prepping for the segment

The prepared panini ready to go on the press

A super-quick photo with WBIR's Brittany Bailey, Abby Ham, and Mike Witcher. 
Do you ever wonder what people are like when the cameras aren't rolling?  No? Me either... 
In entirely unrelated news, these people are So friendly!  And they seem to have a lot of fun at work.  It's fantastic to be around people who love what they do, because that means we have at least one thing in common. :)  Because it certainly isn't height. I think God made me freakishly tall so I could eat more.  I do love to eat...Thank you, God!
Speaking of food, it's supper time. Gooood night y'all. :) 

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  1. Glad it went well. Can't wait to see the video. Love you!