Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When I started this game, I was nervous about the bazillions of gallons of milk we would be going through here at the cafe. All you have to do is come in and sing your favorite Christmas carol for a FREE 12 oz Frosted Mint White Chocolate Mocha or 12 oz Hot Chocolate. But it turns out, not everyone likes to sing in front of a crowd...or in front of a whopping staff of 2.  However, we did have some Carollers- full of Christmas cheer- who took us up on it!  Thank you everyone who is carolling for your coffee (and chocolate)!  Only 2 more days of this super-fun (especially for me) game! ;)  Here are some of the videos:

Great song!
Not only did they carol for their coffee, but they enjoyed their FREE holiday drinks over a lovely game of Scrabble- what a fun family! :)

Some of our CNB crew enjoyed FREE Hot Chocolates and Frosted Mint Mochas!

But, how could you not enjoy all that peppermint-y, whipped cream-y goodness? 

Then, what to our wondering eyes and ears did appear!

What a fun surprise!
And look who got a free Frosted Mint, White Chocolate Mocha! :)

And, of course, I took the opportunity to remind Santa how good I've been this year- what with giving away coffee and chocolate for a song and all... 

2 Days Left to Carol for your Coffee!!  We'll be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!  Merry Christmas!! :)

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  1. Well.... sooooo.... Santa has his own addiction! I love it!