Thursday, December 8, 2011


Do you have a few treats that you consider holiday must-haves?! Congo Squares and Fruit Punch are 2 staples at my Grandma's Christmas Eve Dinner. And I'll just say I have no idea why they are called Congo Squares.
They are square, so that part makes sense. Anyhoo, here is the recipe.
It says the yield is 48. I ended up with 16, so they must be cutting bite-size pieces! I also used butterscotch chips in my batch because that's what I had on hand...that's a variation my momma started, and it's so good!

There is a word of caution, though...Be so careful not to overcook! They harden a little after taking them out of the oven, and I have had to gnaw my way through some brick-like squares before. (Because I really wanted one, that's why.) Usually I get the cooking time right by my 3rd batch of the season at the latest. 

Oh my... the truth comes out about my baking skills...or lack thereof, as my siblings may say. :)  
Let me know how you like these if you try them! 

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