Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh my- look what Jeff & Patti sent!

My aunt and uncle have been to the cafe.  And they saw our metal folding chairs.  And look what they sent us this past week... 
Real Chairs!!  Thank you Aunt Patti and Uncle Jeff!! And thank you John and Ashley for helping clean them up and load them on the trailer!  And thank you Grandma and Aunt Sandy for hauling them up from Georgia in a Uhaul!  Woohoo! :) 
No more metal folding chairs...unless we have a group of more than 50 or so...but then we'd need to add on to the cafe, so we're good for now. 
And they didn't send just these 8 beautiful wooden chairs, they also sent 12 beautiful chairs with wooden seats and these fantastic coffee mug cutouts on the back:

I'm so, so thankful!  And I bet anyone who's had the pleasure of using the old, metal folding chairs on a winters day in this barely-insulated, 100+ year old farmhouse will be so thankful too!! No more frozen rears! Oh, it's a good time at the cafe.
Now that we're looking so fancy, I thought we needed a few more things to spiff the place up.  So we bid adieu to our clorox-stained aprons that were still attempting to promote our giftshop we closed almost 3 years ago.  Thanks to Rita at C&F Sales, we now have these:
New aprons!!!
Then, I went crazy and bought this from Loralei's on Main:
A beautiful new chalkboard for daily specials, soups, etc...  This will be so helpful! Have y'all been to "Loralei's on Main"?  If you like the cafe's style, I think you'll be a fan of a lot of Lorie's things, also!
Back to our new stuff, though, I'm so excited that we finally have:

Thank you http://www.laurelpetty.com/ for the fantastic design! 
Wow.  Those new chairs really lit my purchasing fire!  (not sure how that works since they were a gift...anyway.. :)   We even put a paid ad in The Mountain Press' restaurant guide.  For the cafe budget's sake, I hope to switch from cafe splurges to Christmas shopping soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to just enjoy the fact that the cafe has a basic promotional tool again, our guests don't have to worry about falling through their chairs, and our aprons look clean!  Hallelujah! 
Thank you friends for putting up with us even when we don't have all of our ducks in a row.  We are making progress, and I'm so thankful!  :) 

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