Saturday, September 17, 2011


Aunt Tammy brought us some figs from her mother-in-law's fig tree. I like figs a lot, and I've tried them a few different ways- fancy rolled up with prosciutto and ricotta, tossed delicately on a salad, but really isn't your first thought always "fig newtons?"  Maybe there is a more popular way in another city? another state? another country??   But, I found this recipe:
and it was decided.  I made some cookies, not the traditional newton shape, but i used this recipe for the filling and the dough, and the cookies were really good.  So good, that after giving away a few, we sold all of them-quite quickly.  Since then, demand has been high- especially among the 4 or 5 people who got to try them. (ha!)  It's easy to explain that we don't have more fig cookies because we used up all of our fig-gift, but it's so hard to see the disappointment on the faces of our fig cookie fans!  
So, I asked aunt Tammy if she could find it in her heart- and on her mother-in-law's tree- to bring us some more. And, she did!
And, ta-da:
Homemade fig cookies! Of course, we're closed tomorrow and I'm off Monday, so here's the notice:
Fresh Fig Cookies on Tuesday!! 
While they last. ;)  

And, in coordinating Good News,  Uncle Eddie sent over an entire basket of fresh peaches!  I forgot to take photos because I was busy preparing them, but I rolled some of them up in this dough, also- and it's fantastic, too!  I'm going to take him some Peach Cookies, but he sent plenty, so I'll make some for the cafe too! 

I am so blessed to have aunts and uncles who share their harvest with me and with you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  :) 


  1. Call Out of Eden in Maryville... FAST. They may, still, have a few of the fig trees they ordered for our area. The one we bought is doing great! The maximum dimensions say 8'x8'. Already had a couple figs on it when we planted; but we removed them so energy could be spent on the rooting system. Otherwise.. ya' might have to con Aunt Tammy into moving in... and bringing her tree! LOL

  2. haha! I called and they still have a few. Hopefully, they'll still have one on Monday- my next day off! :) It would be fantastic to have a fig tree here- thank you! :)