Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do you ever wonder how we come up with specials?

It's a fairly complicated process. Ok- no, it's not.   Take this one, for example:
Yesterday, Chef Brent roasted some pork loin for the Cuban sandwich. 

YUM! But, we "have to" cut off the end piece to make sure it's okay.

It's okay.
In the meantime, I was talking about how I was going to K-town after work and hoped that I got to eat at my favorite bbq restaurant, Dead End BBQ. (It's on Sutherland- scrumptious!)
So, being from South Carolina, Brent asked us if we'd had mustard bbq sauce, and I really don't remember if I have, and CJ always wants food, so we twisted Chef's arm, and he cooked up a little something:
I'm not sure what all is in here- mustard, brown sugar, other stuff, but when it collided with roasted pork and rosemary bread, a special was born!

Like I said, we keep it pretty complicated here. ;)

We're going to make some more, and this bbq pork will be a Chef's Special this Saturday, October 1!

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