Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spill the Beans...Amy and Lauren!

These lovely ladies have been in the cafe studying this week. And it worked out splendidly as we needed some taste-testers and they were willing and able! :) Here's a little more about them:

Names: Amy and Lauren
A- Colorado Springs, CO
L- Jacksonville, FL

What do you do?
A- Student @ North Florida
L- Student @ University of Florida

What makes you happiest?
A- The fact that Jesus delights in me. :)
L- Jesus & traveling & learning Italian

What are you passionate about?
A- Serving God through loving people, and I'm also passionate about saving enslaved people around the world.
L- Eating Italian, food, archaeology, and reading the Bible

Favorite Scripture:
A- Zepheniah 3:17
L- John 14:1-4

When was the last time you laughed out loud?
A- About a second and a half ago with my friend Lauren- how can one person be so great?
L- Trying to fill this out with Amy. Why is she so funny??

What are you having at the cafe today?
A- A wonderful cup of tea and a raspberry granola bite of delight.
L- Chicken Basil panini!!! & other delectables

How did you hear about us?
A- my sister Melissa
L- The Holy Spirit!

Any farmhouse stories?
A- One day I had the best day of my life here!
L- My friend & I got chased by a chicken while trying to do Bible Study

Anything else we should know?
A- It concerns me that I'm in a room full of birds.
L- I try to eat here every day.

One final word to describe you?
A- Redeemed
L- LOUD!!!

Thank you funny ladies for spilling the beans! And for trying our creations at the cafe!
Amy & Lauren are in town with The Navigators for their Smoky Mountain Summer program. There are over 100 Navigators in town this summer, and you may recognize them by their big smiles, great manners, and open Bibles. Thankful for y'all and I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon! :)

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