Friday, May 27, 2011

Like a Great Neighbor...Judy was here! :)

There's more good news- I watered the sad-looking tomato plants, and a few actually survived!  But I had also visited Home Depot to pick up a few things.  It's amazing how quickly the buggy fills up when you are standing in front of the plants. The possibilities are endless!  Leeks? Yes please.  Okra- Ok, I'll fry something just this once.  Tomatoes?  I need more- welcome to the buggy roma, brandywine, and cherry.  I don't love cantaloupe, but I probably would if I grew it myself-let's get a few.  Lavender? I like the smell and I'm sure I'll dry it and put it in a pillow or something. Paul picked up a habanero pepper (just ask him about the habanero cheese at The Cheese Cupboard in the Village) and watermelon plant- just in case our seeds didn't take.  I also picked up some citronella plants to use at a few outdoor tables. 

So I started planting yesterday. I had my gardening gloves, knee pad, hand tools, shovel, watering can, etc... I dug two holes and then went crazy from the gnats.  Ahh- but I had citronella.  I broke off a few pieces, shoved in my hair, and...
It worked! I don't know if it's safe, but it couldn't make me crazier than the gnats were making me.
Well, I made my way back to the garden to find a neighbor/cafe friend had stopped by. She had seen me working and realized I had no idea what I was doing. (not her words- she was much more kind) :)
In about 10 minutes, without gloves, a knee pad, or citronella in her hair, she dug in and got our plants in the ground.
Not only did she work circles around me, she explained why to plant this here, that there, this on a hill, that away from this, etc... It was amazing. And done!
My happy face! :D

And even happier plants! Thank you Judy!! :D


  1. What a lovely project! I so enjoyed dining at your fabulous restaurant and I must say the cupcakes were delish! Thanks for having me and my friends from FletcherPR!

  2. Summer, I just loved this report on your garden!!! In a couple of years you and Judy will be working circles around each other!! Oh, and don't forget to water on these hot dry days! Happy gardening... P.S. Citronella on the tables...excellent idea. See you soon.

  3. Hope it all produces some delicious produce. I would loved to have seen you in gloves, kneepads and your tools. Can't wait to eat some of the yummy veggies. See you soon.