Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spill the Beans...Nicole!

Name: Nicole Samler
Current City: Kodak

TTRC: What do you do?
NS: Dancer

TTRC: What makes you happiest?
NS: My husband

TTRC: What are you passionate about?
NS: Performing & My Family

TTRC: Favorite Saying?
NS: Everything happens for a reason

TTRC: When was the last time you laughed out loud?
NS: Hanging out with my Mom

TTRC: What are you having at the cafe today?
NS: Turkey, Avocado, and Havarti

TTRC: How did you hear about us?
NS: Friends

TTRC: One Final Word to Describe You?
NS: Good Listener

Nicole really is a fantastic dancer & performer! I saw her in Black Bear Jamboree this past season, and she will be in Country Tonite for the 2011 season. If we could pick one group that has supported The Tin Roof Cafe the most, it might be local entertainers/performers. I think the performers from The Miracle theater probably kept us in business our first year! We called them the Miracles, literally. :)
So thank you Nicole, for participating in StB, and thank you all local performers for sharing your talent...and eating at the cafe! :),Summer

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