Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spill the Beans...Karen & Tammy!

We are starting a new column called Spill The Beans. We want to know more about you! And then tell the world. Lol. So we will try to feature someone every week in our newsletter and blog.

This week we are featuring Tammy Johnson and Karen Hill!

Question: Age?
Tammy: 1/2 of 100+
Karen: 100

What do you do?
Tammy: Hired Killer!
Karen: Nothing (ha!)

What makes you happiest? What are you passionate about?
Tammy: My family & Grandson Sawyer
Karen: Grandchildren & Music

Favorite Saying?
Tammy: My advice to young people: Savor the moment because life gets too serious too fast!
Karen: This too will pass!

When was the last time you laughed out loud?
Tammy: Today because I'm with my gal-friend Karen & she makes me laugh.
Karen: 1 second ago.

What are you having at the cafe today?
Tammy: Broccoli Cheese Soup- I love that it was pureed and not chunky!
Karen: Soup and Coke

How did you hear about us?
Tammy: This place is famous
Karen: Summer is part-mine.

Any Farmhouse Stories?
Tammy: What is a farm?
Karen: Yes.

One Final Word to Describe You?
Tammy: Spontaneous
Karen: Hoot

So, Dear Readers, I bet you have some questions now! I certainly need Karen to elaborate on her farmhouse stories. haha! And we should probably mention that Tammy is hired to kill bugs, as she and her husband own Johnson Pest Control!

And, in the interest of full disclosure, I have two more things to add. Tammy is my aunt- my Dad's sister- and I love her to bits. The trip I mentioned about Hawaii a few posts back was when she invited me to tag along on their Hawaiian family vacation several years ago- It was fantastic!
And, in a split second, most of you will be in love with Karen too- Our chicken salad recipe is HER RECIPE! Thank you Karen!
The first time I had Karen's chicken salad was when she hosted a Bridal Luncheon for my sister. The tables were set up on a beautiful day outside her home, and on each of our plates was half of a carved-out pineapple that held The Chicken Salad and fresh fruit. Not to mention all of the other goodies on the plate. What a treat!

Well, this is our first Spill The Beans. Thank you Tammy & Karen for being wonderful- I love you ladies!
Readers, Is there anything else you would love to know? Share your questions in the comments!
Have a great Tuesday! :)

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  1. Super cool post! I learned new things about Tammy and Karen. So cool about the recipe being Karen's! I'll have to remember to tell Shawn to thank her next time he sees her. ;)