Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love is in the air- especially at The Tin Roof Cafe!

So I missed Valentine's Day with this post, but lucky-for-me, we're not celebrating just the day, but the whole stinkin' Month-o-Love! So, let me share a few cafe love stories...
Joey & Jordan
Jordan is a "regular" here at the cafe- Chicken Salad Panini, no tomatoes. When she and Joey arrived at The Tin Roof Cafe on their first date, we were all whispering & excited- we being the cafe staff, of course. Then we saw them together again...and again...and some more. Of course we were really happy when Joey popped the question! These lovey-birds are engaged and planning to get married this summer- Congratulations you two!
Speaking of marriage,
This is Blake & Sarah. Blake is a friend from college as well as my eye doctor in Jefferson City! We didn't get to provide the setting for their first date, but they did have some frappes on the cafe's back porch on one of their first dates! And now they're married!

THUS...bringing your date to The Tin Roof Cafe is a good plan...especially if you like them. Not only will your date be impressed by your ability to pronounce "brie" and "ciabatta"**, but you will have plenty of time to fall in love as you wait patiently for your food. And, if you single folk hang around long enough, you may even meet someone to fall in love with like I did. (That was a good day.) :D

To everyone that visits with or without a date, thank you for letting the cafe and those of us that work here be part of your story. We love to celebrate your happy times with you!

**If you're on a date and can't pronounce "brie" or "ciabatta", just point. We won't tell. And trust us- it's good! :)

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