Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Brain...

Could snow brain be a real thing... like no brain due to lack of activity due to lots of snow? It might be, so I apologize in advance for this post. I've only been snowed in a few days, of course. And 4 days ago, I was here:

Miami Beach. So it's not for everyone, but I'm not everyone. I could really enjoy the sunshine, temps in the 80s, multi-cultural atmosphere, etc...on another trip. This time, however, we were in town because my Dad was having prostate cancer surgery. The good news is that he made it through the laparoscopic procedure very well, and afterward he did not even require a tylenol- no pain meds, so far! Dr. Krongrad is an exceptional surgeon. There was no bad news- not even the over-sharing of personal issues that surgery forces on a modest family. Our prayers were answered and Daddy is feeling remarkably well for just having had major surgery. And the hospital staff is feeling remarkably well that he's out of there! When the nurse came out to get us before he went back to surgery, she came out to the lobby and said, "Is there ANYbody out here who can help me control Mr. Smith?" So funny. And if you know my Dad, you understand.
You would also understand why it wasn't a real vacation no matter what the beach photo implies. In our family (as in most?), vacations revolve around food. We love to eat! And beach vacations revolve around food and water. Dad couldn't eat or go to the beach during the time I was there. 2 things: I love my Daddy, and if Daddy's not having fun in Florida, neither am I. (Gosh, I am such a devoted daughter! ;)) I didn't even take a swimmie, much to Lizi's disappointment. Ok- I did enjoy the view, take a 5 minute walk on the beach with the munchkin, and love it when my nephew fell asleep on me in the sunshine on the balcony- that's it though! No more fun!
Until Friday night, when we met up with my cousin Jackie and her husband Brian, while my Dad was recuperating back in the hotel room. Jackie is also known as Jacqueline Whitmore, America's leading etiquette expert!

I first met Jackie a few years ago, and since then I've been able to hear her teach at a women's business seminar. She is fantastic! If you have ever thought about teaching or learning etiquette, visit her website by clicking on her name above.
So Misty's family, Jackie, Brian, and I joined up for dinner at Acquamare, an Italian Seafood restaurant, and I had the most fabulous Mushroom Risotto. I've never made risotto, but there's still time, and I will learn. It was so good! And remember the multi-cultural atmosphere I mentioned? I asked for coffee, and our waiter said, "American?" Well, yes, sir, I'm in America and didn't even whip out my passport to get here. So funny! Just for kicks, we'll start asking that at the cafe...although it may not have the same effect in a Tennessee farmhouse that it has in South Florida. "American coffee?" ha!

Anyhoo, after I flew home, the view changed tremendously:

And, I have to say, I love this view just as much as the sunny beach. I've gotten more rest in the past 2 days than I have in the past year. Having said that, I'm caught up now and ready to get back to work! Tomorrow, I will be at the cafe, snow or shine, and maybe ice. I need to figure out this risotto, stat.
Hope to see you soon. :D,

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