Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week in Review

Hello Friends!
Thank you for visiting the cafe this week! It has been a busy and fun week. I have a few photos I'm just getting time to blog about.

First, I've shown some photos of the picnics on the lawn, but what about a tea party on the lawn? Angel's little girl was turning 7, and she went all out with hats, pearls, china, and a beautiful teapot cake. We provided the food, and they did the rest- it was such a beautiful day for a birthday celebration! Angel's friend Julie Roberts did professional photos, so those may be coming soon. (I just took this with my phone.) :)

Next, the Mediterranean Tuna Salad is our June Special. This is a recipe I got from a cookbook, and it is so tasty! The Tuna Salad has capers, white wine vinegar, garlic, etc.. and it is served with avocado and provolone on ciabatta bread. We will be serving this all month, so come on over and try it!

Finally, we had our second movie night last night and what a great turnout! It was actually 8:30 or so before it got dark enough to start the movie. We had about 35 people out on the lawn on chairs and blankets. It was a perfect night with warm weather and plenty of iced lattes and snowcream freezes! :) Thank you to everyone who came out to see The Blind Side.

So that's a few highlights from our week! We are already looking forward to many more fun summertime weeks to come! Mark your calendars for next Friday, June 18- It is Open Mic Night on the Back Lawn, starting 7:30ish...

P.S. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for filling up our parking lot, and apologize for not having more paved parking. Our neighbors are wonderful enough to let us park on the grass lawn to the left of the cafe, so if you need extra room, there it is. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Brackins! With our small parking lot, it is easy to fill it up before the tables are full, so please come on in! :)

P.P.S. We now have TO-GO MENUS/Rack Cards! If we could give you some to put in your business, please let me know, and we'll make sure you get some. Thank you again for recommending us to friends and family!

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