Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 years already?! :D

This Friday, June 25th, marks the 2nd anniversary of our opening day! Can you believe how time flies? There have been a few changes...

A flashback to June 25th, 2008:
Smiling and scared to death to open for business. Hands were visibly shaking as I made the first latte of the day. The cafe hours were 7am- 11 pm. We served coffee and dessert only. The term "restaurant" didn't apply here. I was certain that we were a "coffeeshop" only- with a giftshop and seating for about 20. I didn't know how to make soup, cook meat, or clean a grill. In "coffeeshop" preparation, I visited cafes in France and enjoyed coffee school in Portland. I lived in my own home, drove my own car, was a size smaller, and I was so excited to own my own business!

Fast Forward to June 2010:
The business hours quickly shifted and have settled on my "happy hours"- open at 11 am; close at 8 pm. (just easier to smile then- lol) The giftshop went away as I never had time to re-order inventory and we needed more seating. We now seat almost 70 with inside and outside tables combined. We have a menu, 2 panini grills, a soup pot, and I was surprised to find myself so excited about a 16-cup Cuisinart food processor! We are considered an actual restaurant by almost everyone!
Personally, I live in my parent's basement, drive whatever car they aren't using that day, understand the consequences of daily desserts, and don't even dream about a vacation! I'm still smiling though, because I LOVE my life!!

I've learned a lot over the past 2 years- beginning with how to get a building permit and hire a licensed contractor and, more recently, learning that success in my life isn't always having more, it's sometimes wanting less, and having the courage to get it.

My life has changed, and I've never been so happy! I love serving my customers every day, I love trying new recipes, I love getting 3-4 fresh eggs a week from Gertrude my chicken, and I love dragging a stick across the lawn for Earl Gray the cat to chase after. I love that kids can play and be loud outside while someone quietly studies inside. I love empty plates, pleasantly surprised first-timers, amazing local regulars, and the smell of freshly scrubbed counters and mopped floors every night. I'm still not great at cleaning the grill. I love that following the desire that God put in my heart proved to be the best decision of my life. Isn't that what He promises? He was right- go figure. :)

Somebody told me if you've made it 2 years, you're business will make it. Some people say it takes 3 or 5 years. All I know is I genuinely appreciate every week we are still in business and every guest that walks through our yellow door- every time they walk through it. Thank you for supporting what we are doing here! We look forward to seeing you soon, Lord willing and the creek don't rise...!
:), Summer

p.s. OH GOODNESS- I started this post to let you know about our birthday party on Friday night. Just plan on being here- more details tomorrow!

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