Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cafe and Gallery!

Hey friends,
We are becoming The Tin Roof Cafe & Gallery with some great artwork on display now! You can see pieces by Debbie Cain, Jennifer Jennings, and Emily Wharton, as well as samples of photography by Lynn Stanger and Don Dupy.
Come by for a coffee and walk-through!
Two of Jennifer's pieces currently displayed will be moving soon to Knoxville's Emporium Gallery for an upcoming show celebrating the Smokies' 75th. Congratulations Jennifer!
And, Emily's art is new to the cafe as of today and tomorrow. Visit her website at www.emilywharton.com to find out more about her creative style!
P.S. In the way of food, Angel has outdone herself with some massive cakes this week- Carrot Cake and Chocolate Toffee, as well as a selection of other wonderful treats! And, we've added a Snowcream Freeze- the yin to the Frozen Hot Chocolate's yang- and just in time for warmer weather.
See you soon!

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