Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow This Pie is Good

Hello friends,
Most of the time I look at our sandwiches and I look at our display and think, I really want to eat that, but I would be eating my income. But today, I gave in. Mary Lou came in at 6 this morning to bake a fresh coconut cream pie and red velvet cake, so here I sit finishing my pie and telling you about it! And it is amazing.
Maybe tomorrow I'll try the red velvet- who was it that said- "Whenever I'm faced with two evils, I always like to try the one I haven't tried before."

Anyhoo- Angela,our resident pastry chef, is out sick- she was out last week, and she will be recovering for a bit longer (not taking any chances!), so Mary Lou and Grandma are helping our food, and Annette is helping with the gifthsop in the afternoons- thank you thank you thank you! We've been really blessed with some busy times, so thank you to our customers, also!

I have to tell you about a new sandwich we added today at the recommendation of a sweet couple that were in for dinner the other night-
It is pears picked from the tree in the yard, fontina cheese, spinach, and sesame ginger dressing- so good and somewhat homegrown- how fun is that?
Also, if you get the caprese salad- tomato, basil, mozzarella- I'll be running past you to pick the basil from the plant out front. Or,really, you could pick it on your way in. If it is okay with the health department. Next year, we are going to need to expand the garden!

Okay- that's about all I have for today- see you soon,

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