Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here are some photos from May. We've begun working on drink and dessert recipes. Angela can really bake some great desserts!
I was concerned with meringue. When I took a college class in London, the chocolate-dipped meringues quickly became my favorite breakfast. When I've tried to make them at home, it never works- ever. Thankfully, Angela's turned out perfectly! This will be my weakness.
Well, that and chocolate chip cookies. The first batch were straight from the recipe and just not the best. She tweaked it a little, and the second batch of cookies were the best I've ever eaten! Sorry to just talk about it. We'll open one day so we can share.
You can see the meringue in the photos. The chocolate chip cookies were given away quite quickly.
Also in the photos are some updated photos of the house. More work has been done since these were taken 3 weeks ago. We are having our inspection tomorrow- yippee! If/When we pass, we'll set an opening date. Talk soon, Summer

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