Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Beginning...

Have you ever had a dream to open a business in a field where you have absolutely no experience? I have.
Almost a year ago, I was blessed with an opportunity to remodel an old farmhouse in East Tennessee into my dream business- a coffeeshop and giftshop. The only thing going for me was ignorance of the challenges I would face and determination to press on in the face of adversity. and a love of coffee. and shopping.
While I consider this entire experience a blessing from God, I won't put the blame on Him for my afore-mentioned ignorance, but I will thank Him for my recurring peace through the process.
In my unthought out plans, "my own business!" was going to be up and running by last September. In reality, it has been almost a year of trial and error in every possible thing, but a truly great learning experience.
I decided to call the shop The Tin Roof- to portray a farmhouse feeling. This was my first thought. Then I realized I should mention coffee, so The Tin Roof Cafe & Giftshop made it to the logo.
I'll pause the storytelling to post photos of the house after some of the construction began. We purchased the house amost 2 years ago maybe? It had been a residence but needed some work. Dad wanted to tear it down, but I begged and pleaded for it. He told me we could rebuild for less than we could restore it, and he was probably right. Who knew?

These photos are from July 2007

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